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Ali Wong Biography: Husband (Justin Hakuta), Wiki, Age, Daughter, Height, Net worth, Tour 2023, Netflix, Kids, Movies and TV shows



Ali Wong Biography: Husband (Justin Hakuta), Wiki, Age, Daughter, Height, Net worth, Your 2023, Netflix, Kids, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports That Ali Wong is one of the many stand-up comedians who brings fun to entertainment with performances that make for refreshingly interesting and quality shows. The American, who also writes, pursued her dream of becoming a respected star in the world of comedy-entertainment after graduating from college in 2005, and has since carved vital status for herself. Prior to her enviable fame, she spent time in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Fransico, California. She has acted in many comedy series and is also known for her Netflix stand-up specials Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife .

Ali Wong Bio

Ali Wong was born Alexandra Ali Wong on April 19,1982 father Adolphus Wong and mother Tam Tammy Wong. She has three siblings and all were raised un der the care of their parents. Her father is of Chinese descent, but he was born in America, making him an American citizen by birth. Ali Wong’s mother, on the other hand, moved to the United States from Vietnam in 1960. Ali even spent some time in her mother’s family home, the capital of Vietnam, in Hanoi during her junior year.


Wong attended San Francisco University High School. There she served as class president of the student body for her brilliance. She graduated in 2000 and received her PhD from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) where she graduated with top honors.

career breakthrough

Although Wong was a lover of the school, he was also passionate about performing. Preferring to be in the limelight to being a professor, she performed at school as a member of the university’s LCC Theater Company, which promotes primarily Asian American talent. The theater is arguably the largest and longest-running collegiate theater company for Asian Americans in the United States.

In 2005, the year Wong graduated from college, she did her first stand-up comedy at the Brainwash Cafe. After winning many hearts, she realized that comedy was her calling and as a result moved to New York to further pursue that dream. Arriving in New York and only concentrating on comedy, Wong was quite busy performing sometimes nine times a night.


More and more people noticed and welcomed her comic style, she became even more energetic and determined to realize this dream. Her deep love eventually won her victory and propelled her into one of the leading actresses on the local comedy scene when she was ranked as one of the 10 comics to watch by a weekly entertainment magazine, Variety. She received points for not only being extremely funny but also original.

Within six years the beauty was gaining more prominence and with her career growth occurring so rapidly she decided to diversify into acting and her first role was on The Tonight Show starring on the comedy show Underground.

Ali Wong’s toughness also landed her many other roles in various comedy series, including NBC shows Are You There and Chelsea? Lately. She also appeared on VH1’s Best Week Ever and MTV’s Hey Girl in 2013. Wong also appeared in a few films that aren’t particularly funny, such as Savages and Black Box . Her other films include Dealing with Idiots, Inside Army Schumer , America Housewife , and Are You There Chelsea ?


Aside from acting, Wong has also proven that she is resilient and multitasking by venturing into writing. The comedy actress has been writing on Fresh from the Blow since 2014, writing the first three seasons of the series.


Ali Wong can pull heavy weight with her amazing comics, but she doesn’t pull enough on height. She’s only 5’3″, but who cares? She is undoubtedly loved and her reputation has grown massively; She always wins with her talent.

Husband (Justin Hakuta), daughter, children

Wong has two children; a boy and a girl. Their daughter was born in 2015 while she welcomed her son in 2018. Wong is said to be inspired by women who are making tangible changes in the world when she named her daughter Mari in honor of Maria Kondo, a Japanese organizational consultant and author who basically writes books about organizing. Some of Maria’s books have been published in up to 30 countries (USA, Germany, France, Indonesia, etc.), one of which has become a bestseller in Japan and Europe. The father of her children is also her loving husband named Justin Hakuta. She and Justin fell in love after crossing paths at a wedding. Shortly after they started dating, they were hitchhiked in 2014.


Justin Hakuta is a well educated businessman and not an actor or entertainer. He was educated in Mexico and attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington. He also received a bachelor’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Harvard. For his proficiency in the business world, Justin has held various roles in companies such as Cargomatic Inc, GoodRx, etc.

While he doesn’t take the spotlight as an actor or entertainer, Wong isn’t the only entertainer he’s known in his life. His father Ken Hakuta, a Japanese man, is widely known as Dr. Fad ruled the industry in the ’80s as an inventor and TV personality. Back then, he anchored the children’s show Dr. Fad, which was about science and inventions. The main aim of the show was to promote children’s crafts. Because of the show’s success and positive impact on children, he was recognized as Inventor of the Year by a Philadelphia institute. Justin’s mother is Filipino. She and his father married in 1977 after meeting as colleagues at the World Bank. Justin has two siblings named Kenzo and Aki.

What is her net worth?

Both Justin and her wife Ali Wong rarely share personal things on social media, alongside their careers, how they built their relationship and photos of their family time. Thus, there is no way to verify how much work Ali has actually done since entering the industry. However, some sources speculate that the comedian’s net worth is somewhere between $1.2 million and $2 million. Whatever it is, her career has been successful and we are sure that Ali Wong’s toughness in her career must result in amounts commensurate with the efforts she is making.

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