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Ashlynn Yenniea Biography: Wiki, Height, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows



Ashlynn Yenniea Biography: Wiki, Height, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports That Ashlynn Yennie is best recognized for her prominent roles in two of the most controversial horror films of all time. While she’s not one of the most recognizable faces on your screen just yet, Yennie already has an impressive resume, which she’s amassed from screen credits in multiple films and TV shows. Here are fun facts you never knew about the beautiful actress.

Ashlynn Yennie – Biography

A Wyoming native, Ashlynn Yennie is a millennial born May 15, 1985. Aside from the fact that she is the last of four daughters born to her parents in Riverton, there is little or no information about the family who Parents and the early life of the actress. Moreso, it’s uncertain if Yennie had the conventional undergraduate training, but she has always nurtured dreams of being an entertainer and honed her acting skills at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.


It’s not clear if Ashlynn Yennie held other jobs at school or after school, but her earliest acting role is as Jenny in Tom Sick ‘s The Human Centipede (sequence one). The controversial cult horror film, which follows the plight of three victims kidnapped by a sadistic German scientist who surgically transplants them by tying them together via a shared gastrointestinal tract to make a human centipede, has been banned in certain countries . She later reprized her role in the film sequel The Human Centipede II (full sequence).

Although I’ve starred in two of the most controversial horror films of all time, it was a good pedestal that Yennie needed for her fame as she was soon shot to achieve cult status for her role in the film. Ashlynn Yennie’s outstanding performance in her debut film has since paved the way for other film roles. Her other screen credits after The Human Centipede include both minor and major roles in Evan and Gareth Getting Fired, Absent Father, The Divorce Party, Fear Inc., American Maniacs, and The Ghost and the Whale. On the small screen, Yennie has also acted in television series NCIS, as well as Undateable.

5 interesting facts you need to know

  • Career goals

If Ashlynn Yennie’s career profile has anything to pass by, it’s safe to say that she’s eagerly working her way up the ranks and might have a ton of other projects in the pipeline. There are expectations that she will also star in the third episode of The Human Centipede, but neither Yennie nor other co-cast members know anything about the third one as the filmmakers have kept those details completely secret for now.

Regardless, the actress, trying to achieve in different fields, she has more eyes on the small screen and smaller roles on the big screen. With the intention of building more credits in comedy and romantic comedy, the small town girl who moved to the big city in search of greener pastures slowly but surely works hard to achieve her dreams.

  • Horror Movie Enthusiast

Ironically, it’s unusual for Ashlynn to know that Yennie, who has starred in two of the most controversial horror films of all time, grew up a giant scared cat and gets scared easily. However, the actress studied horror genres later in her school days and is now a huge fan. She admits to being relatively new to the genre but considers Alfred Hitchcock’s films like Psycho to be one of her favorite horror films of all time.

  • Height

The green-eyed actress has impressive physical features that have undoubtedly served her well in the entertainment industry. Yennie stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches. Her weight and other body measurements were not disclosed. But judging by her current looks and photos that are publicly available, it’s obvious that Yennie has maintained a slim figure over the years.

  • Wealth (income and earnings)

Details of Yennie’s exact salary and net salary value have not been made public. While the actress is still striving to establish herself as a household name, her industry endeavors have undoubtedly yielded financial rewards.

  • social media

Ashlynn Yennie has an active social media life. Besides her official website, the actress has built a strong following on popular social networking sites including Instagram and Twitter, where she shares her life and other interests with numerous fans.

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