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Claudia Doumit Biography: Wiki, Height, Age, Career, Husband, Family, Cod, Ethnicity, Instagram, Farah, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows



Claudia Doumit Biography: Wiki, Height, Age, Career, Husband, Family, Cod, Ethnicity, Instagram, Farah, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports that Claudia Doumit is a veteran actress who has made quite an impact in theater productions and the film industry. She trained at the Actors College for Theater and Television (ACTT) and then moved to the Actors Center Australia.

She was fortunate to have a number ofblockbuster movies and television series in which she excelled. She is not only an actress but also an aspiring producer. Claudia is currently working on a couple of films to be released shortly.


Claudia Doumit – Bio and Age

The stunning actress was born on January 30, 1991 to parents Mary Zavaglia and Morrie Doumit in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Her stunning looks can be attributed to her mixed ethnicity which is Lebanese, Australian and Italian. Claudia Doumit had a flair for acting from a young age and her parents were her first audience as they had to sit and watch her make her presentation. Realizing how talented their little girl was, they gave her their full support to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

For her higher education, she attended the National Institute for Dramatic Arts, Kensington, New South Wales, Australia. Competition to get into the institute was fierce with only a limited number of people being accepted, but Claudia was determined and she got in on merit.

After her college education in 2010, ClaudiaDoumit decided to develop and hone her acting skills. She was admitted and enrolled in the Actors College of Theater and Television, where she taught for two years. After graduating, she re-entered the Australian Actors Center to further hone her stage and theater skills. The actress again attended the Stellar Adler Academy and studied an intensive course there, which lasted another two years.


Career Achievements

Claudia Doumit has invested so much time into her acting career, honing her craft, and her education that it’s no wonder she has become so successful after entering the entertainment industry. During her studies she got some supporting roles in some films. In 2011, she starred in The Hamster Wheel as an additional actor. This gave her the opportunity to put into practice what she had learned and experienced on a film set. Doumit took on the role of “Ivy” in the TV series Fake It (2014). The talented actress starred in other series such as The New Girl and Mike and Molly. She also recorded a few voices in Disney Infinity 3.0(a video game) all in 2015.

2016 was a successful year for then-budding actress Claudia Doumit on Losing in Love , and her standout performance pushed her career to the fore. Claudia got a number of juicy opportunities after this film. She was seen on Scandal, How to Be a Vampire, Bad Habits, Supergirl with Beth Breen, Timeless (2016–2018), Where Are You Going Bernadette? (2019), Dude (2018), In the Moment (2017), Something (2017).

Claudia is also an aspiring producer. She is one of the producers in the film Dylan and Zoey which is due out in 2019.


With the success she has found in her young but successful career, Claudia Doumit has been able to earn an estimated net worth of $1.7 million.

In addition, Claudia was not personally nominated for any significant awards. Although she has acted in a few films and shows that have been nominated for a number of awards.

Claudia Doumit’s family and husband

The 5ft 8in actress grew up in a close-knit family. While her father’s occupation is unknown, her mother is a respected beauty expert. She has worked for numerous celebrities and is considered one of the few beauty experts who “knows her onions”. The timeless actress also has a brother, James Doumit, who is a spitting image of her. The siblings appear to be very close as she enjoys posting his pictures on her social media pages.


Claudia Doumit is very secretive when it comes to matters of her heart (love life). Although she’s active on social media, she hasn’t officially revealed who she’s dating, although she’s reportedly in a relationship with Blake Lewis (singer, songwriter, and runner-up on American Idol).

According to available information, Claudia has never been married. She is currently focused on her career and making the most of her education.

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