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Frankie Muniz Biography: Wiki, Wife, Age, Height, Net worth, Girlfriend, Where Is He Now, Movies and TV shows



Frankie Muniz Biography: Wiki, Wife, Age, Height, Net worth, Girlfriend, Where Is He Now, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports that If you were a ’90s babe, you definitely grew up with Frankie Muniz’s acne-ridden face gracing your screen. We’ve seen him in Agent Cody Banks and in Big Fat Liar, but it was his role as the middle child in a blue-collar family on the American sitcom Malcom In the Middle that secured Muniz international recognition and success. The show earned Muniz an Emmy nomination in 2001 and won the Hollywood Reporter’s Young Star Award.

We won’t see much of Frankie Muniz these days as he’s reduced his on-screen presence and dabbled in other ventures. Learn more below.


Francisco Muniz IV was born in Ridgewood NewJersey on December 5, 1985. His father, Francisco III, was a restaurant manager while his mother worked as a nurse. Muniz is 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Italian on his mother’s side and 1/2 Puerto Rican on his father’s side.

He spent his early childhood in Knightdale, North Carolina until his parents separated and his mother moved back to New Jersey with Muniz and his older sister Cristina in tow.

Muniz was tutored by his mother, and this also allowed him to play various acting and television roles without disrupting his class schedule. He had his first acting experience at the age of 8 when he took part in his parish’s theatrical presentation of A Christmas Carol.


He made several appearances on existing shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and had other small roles in a few films. But it wasn’t until 2000 that he was cast in the drama Skip My Dog alongside Kevin Bacon, Diane Lane and Luke Wilson, and Muniz began to garner increasing attention.

That same year, Muniz starred as “Malcolm” in the hit television sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, from which his career skyrocketed. The show ran for seven successful seasons before airing its final episode in May 2006.

During and since graduating from Malcolm In the Middle, Muniz has starred in various other popular films including Big Fat Liar with Amanda Byrnes and Agent Cody Bank with Anthony Anderson.


Actors often become writers, directors, and producers, and Frankie Muniz is no different. In 2004 he wrote for and served as executive producer on the television show Granted. In 2006 and 2007 he served as executive producer and associate producer on the films Choose Your Own Adventure: The Hideous Snowman and Choose Connor.

Muniz suffered two mini-strokes and nine concussions during his mid-20s, and admitted in a 2017 interview that he currently suffers from such severe memory loss that he has a hard time remembering working on the set of Malcom in the Middle.

wife / girlfriend

In November 2018, Muniz became engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Page Price. Price is a former model who left modeling at age 21 to become a TV host on a golf network.


While we’re happy for the couple, we hope so, this will be Muniz’s final engagement as the actor has been engaged twice before. First to former girlfriend Jamie Grady in 2005, then to his publicist Elycia Marie Turnbow, 10 years his senior, in 2011.

Muniz has stated that he would be lost without Price, who helps him manage his memory by writing bits of his day in a journal so he can go back and read it. How sweet! The couple currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and we can’t wait to snap wedding photos.

Frankie Muniz Net Worth

For an actor who started his career on screen, it’s safe to say that Frankie Muniz built a very comfortable nest egg for himself from a young age. Aside from his healthy passion for acquiring cars, Muniz doesn’t seem like your typical Hollywood obscene spender. The actor grossed $8.5 million from Agent Cody Banks’ two films alone. His current net worth is estimated at $40 million, which is an impressive number for a celebrity his age.



When it comes to height, Frankie Muniz got the short end of the stick. (No pun intended). The 1.65m actor was a late bloomer in his teens and didn’t really blossom much further when he emerged after puberty.

As a teenager, Muniz was so petite that the actor who played his immediate older brother Malcom in the Middle was actually younger than him!

Where is he now?

Nowadays we mainly see Muniz in cameo appearances in various movies and TV shows. The actor had always been a fan of racing cars and took a 5-year break from racing. His racing was suspended for a while after he underwent wrist surgery in 2009. He had one last run at the tracks in 2011 when he competed in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race and finished 4th.


There was no rest for this actor who joined the band You DJ as their drummer. In 2012 he joined and played with Kingsfoil for two years before finally rising as the band’s manager Astro Lasso in 2017.

Frankie Muniz joined the cast of season 25 of Dancing With the Stars after which he was appointed judge on Dancing With the Stars: Junior Edition.

In addition to being a band manager, Muniz also owns a specialty store, Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars, with his fiancé, Paige Price.


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