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Greg McMichael biography: net worth, age, trial, sentence, daughter, wife, family update



Are the McMichaels still in jail? Yes, Greg McMichael And Travis McMichael, the father and son duo, are currently standing trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery in 2020.

WOTHAPPEN report that TRAVIS and George McMichael were found guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery and received life sentences in a trial.

Since Arbery’s death became known on social media, his family has been tirelessly demanding answers.



Ahmaud Arbery was murdered on February 23, 2020. The 25-year-old unarmed Black man was fatally shot and killed in Glynn Count, Georgia.

Travis McMichael, his father Greg McMichael, and neighbor William Roddie Bryan are accused of killing Arbery and are standing trial for the murder after two and a half weeks of jury selection.


They are charged with malice and felony murder along with charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, reported BBC.

Yes, the McMichaels is still in jail. Greg Mcmichael and Travis McMichael were arrested two months after Ahmaud Arbery’s murder.

Greg McMichael, a former investigator, worked for the Brunswick Judicial Circut District Attorney’s Office at the time of the shooting.


His son, Travis, worked as a machinery technician for the US Coast Guard. The father-son duo said they were conducting a citizen’s arrest of Arbery as they suspected him of a string of burglaries in the neighborhood.

According to CNN, the Glynn County Police spokesperson claimed they only received one burglary report, which took place seven weeks before the attack.

Greg left a voicemail to his former boss and said he and his son have been involved in a shooting and asked for some advice on the matter.


The McMichaels were indicted for murder in June 2020. They were further indicted on federal hate crime charges in April.

Greg Mcmichael And Travis McMichael Trial Update 2021

The trial of Ahmaud Arbery has already begun from Friday.

The violent attack on Arbery was all recorded in a 36-seconds video that sparked an instant outrage across the nation.


The video showed Arbery jogging down the road toward a pickup truck that was stopped in the road. Travis is standing with a shotgun near the driver’s side door; whereas, Greg is sitting in the bed of the truck.

A physical confrontation began between Travis and Ahmaud when he approached near the truck. Both of them struggled with the shotgun.

Three shots went off during the struggle. Ahmaud was seen bleeding after the third shot went off and he fell on the road.


William Roddie Bryan was the one who filmed the entire incident. He was also detained for his possible involvement in the murder and is standing trial with the McMichaels.

However, Bryan’s attorney maintains he was not part of the incident. He was working in his yard when he witnessed Arbery being chased by a vehicle.

He and his family received hate from protesters once the video went viral. Bran was indicted on federal hate come charges that include interference with rights and one count of attempted kidnapping.


Who Is Greg Mcmichael Wife?

Greg McMichael is married to his wife Allison McMichael. They have two children; one son Travis and one daughter.

Allison had testified on behalf of her son in the bond hearing in 2020. However, not many personal details have surfaced about her in the media as of now.

Who Is Travis Mcmichael Wife?

Travis McMichael has one son but details about his wife are obscure at the moment.


It’s possible he is unmarried and had his son from his previous relationship. Nonetheless, there is no information about any of his romantic partner on the web currently.

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