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Jason David Frank (MMA and Actor) Biography: Net Worth, Brother, Wife, Kids, Tour, Instagram, Tattoos, Martial arts, Movies and TV shows



Jason David Frank (MMA and Actor) Biography: Net Worth, Brother, Wife, Kids, Tour, Instagram, Tattoos, Martial arts, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports That Jason David Frank is a man known as Green Ranger in the acting world and Fearless Frank in the kickboxing world. Kids from the 1990s, the ones from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series would definitely remember Frank, who was everyone’s favourite, first as the Green Ranger and later as the White Ranger. The actor, martial artist, and professional mixed martial arts fighter discovered his strength early on and embodied the series that eventually grew into a live-action franchise. Here are surprising facts you didn’t know about the man behind the green mask.


Jason David Frank, better known as the Green/White Ranger, was born on September 4, 1973 in Covina, California. He is the son of Ray and Janice Frank. Jason is of mixed heritage as his mother was of Polish-Greek origin. Jason’s interest in martial arts began at a young age and he was enrolled in training at the Red Dragon Karate School at the age of four. He later attended Bonita High School.



Over the years Jason David Frank has explored many careers including acting, karate instructor and mixed martial artist. However, he is best known as Tommy Oliver in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a role he played for six consecutive seasons (1993-1997) and in his first feature film. He was first cast as Tommy Oliver in 1993, taking on the role in the franchise which also includes Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers Super Megaforce, As Tommy Oliver, Frank was first the famously villainous Green Ranger and then the heroic White Ranger.

In addition to the Power Rangers spawn franchise that continues to this day, Frank has also appeared in other series such as Up Sweet Valley and Family Matters both of which were made in 1996. The next year he also featured in the series Undressed . More recently in 2017, Jason was part of the Ninjak vs. the Brave Universe series, The Transformers: Titans Return series, as well as the Power Rangers movie.

An accomplished martial artist, Frank has competed in both professional and amateur MMA fights. With his extensive knowledge and experience of various martial arts techniques, he is uniquely known for his signature American karate, the “Toso Kune Do”.


He debuted his MMA career with the United StatesAmateur Combat Association in January 2009 and turned pro in August the following year. Frank is a well-known pro wrestling fan and has appeared in over 200 episodes of the WWE show.

More recently, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star appears to have found a new calling as a sports entertainer. As Jason David Frank is an accomplished MMA fighter, martial artist and no stranger to the ring, his plans to make a pro wrestling debut in 2019 shouldn’t come as alarming.

While Frank won’t be the first actor to try his hand at pro wrestling, he will definitely become the first member of the mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast to jump into the sport.



Jason David Frank suffered a great loss in 2001 after the death of his older brother, Erik Ray Frank. Erik, who also played David Truehart, has died at Power Rangers Zeo aged just 29. While there are few reports that Jason’s brother’s death was due to heart problems, others say he died of an undisclosed illness.

Jason David Frank’s wife, children

The man behind the green mask is married twice. His first attempt at marriage was to Shawna, whom he married in May 1994. Jason and his first wife had three children together – Jacob, born in 1993, Hunter, born two years later, and the last child, Skye, born in 1998. However, in April 2001 they ended the marriage and went their separate ways.

Frank soon found love again in the arms of fellow fighter Tammie. The couple, who married in 2003, have a daughter, Jenna Rae, who was born two years later.


Wealth (income and earnings)

The man behind the green mask is an actor, martial artist, and professional mixed martial arts fighter. For Jason David Frank, who started his acting career as a teenager, he has come a long way and can safely be called the quintessential Power Rangers live-action franchise. He is currently worth an estimated $1.5 million.

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