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Jennifer Lien Biography: Wiki, Age, Spouse, Parents, Children, Height, Instagram, Mental health, Movies and TV shows, What Happened To Her



Jennifer Lien Biography: Wiki, Age, Spouse, Parents, Children, Height, Instagram, Mental health, Movies and TV shows, What Happened To Her can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports That Jennifer Lien is an American former actress best known for her role as Alien Kes on the television series Star Trek: Voyager. Born Jennifer Anne Lien on August 24, 1974 inIllinois, the actress is the last of her parents’ three children. She was interested in acting from a young age and joined the Illinois Theater Center when she was 13.

During an interview in 1993, Jennifer said that they always pretended to be someone else and were either writing plays, watching movies, or reading books. She joined her school’s drama club when she was in the seventh grade of junior high and discovered there that she could fit comfortably into acting. On the advice of an eighth grade teacher, Jennifer said she went to acting class and eventually got an agent.


After that she did industrial films and some theaters and it wasn’t long before casting directors came and from there her acting career started. She first appeared on television in a chewing gum commercial starring twins and later made her debut in a television series as a student at Brewster Place Music Academy in an episode of an ABC show in 1990. That same year, she served as the voice behind the dubbed English version of a French horror film entitled Baby Blood.

In 1991, the actress was cast as Hannah Moore in the series, Another World . As a result, she relocated to New York, where it was filmed. While working on the series, Jennifer enrolled in the Professional Children’s School and also graduated.

Other of her works include Phenomenon (1993), Star Trek: Voyager (1994), The Critic (1994), American History X (1998), SLC Punk! (1998), Men in Black: The Animated Series (1997-2000), Rubbernecking (2001) and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride (1998).


What happened to her?

After giving birth to her child on September 5, 2002, Jennifer Lien retired from her acting and speaking career. In August 2010, she shared that she was taking university health-related courses to become either a nutritionist or nutritionist after completing her course.

Surprisingly, everything seems to have disappeared south since when the former actress ran with the law that led to her being charged with various crimes. In 2012 she was arrested for domestic violence. In April 2015, she was arrested again and charged with evading arrest, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

In September 2015, Jennifer Lien got into trouble with the law again and was arrested in her Roane County neighborhood. This was due to her allegedly exposing herself on August 31, 2015 in the presence of some children.


According to her neighbor Carey Smith, Jennifer complained about her crying children and began saying vulgar things, ignoring Carey’s warning to mind her own business. During her tirade, the actress revealed her breasts and buttocks in the presence of two children who were in the yard while doing it.

Carey drew the attention of police and when on September 3, 2015, two police officers arrived at her home with an arrest warrant. They met Lien naked under a blanket on her couch. The police repeatedly asked her to get dressed, but she refused and threatened to have them shot.

Eventually, Lien was handcuffed and dressed in a shirt and pants from prison with the help of a female police officer and was forcibly carried to the police car because she refused to go to the patrol car. She was taken to the Roane County Detention Center.


In October 2015, Judge Dennis Humphrey orderedJennifer Lien to undergo a mental evaluation at the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute in Chattanooga to determine her competency. However, her dual-count charges of exposing herself to children under the age of 13 were later dismissed in November 2016 after the actress paid compensation.

Jennifer managed to stay out of trouble in 2017 but in March 2018 she went back into the police net. She was arrested for driving a revoked driver’s license on March 2. Just two weeks later, she was arrested again after a computer check was conducted and her driver’s license revoked for a previous DUI.

Jennifer Lien Spouse, Parents, Children

The former actress is married to Phil Hwang, a writer and filmmaker known for the 2014 film Outcall, Superboy: The Tween (2015) and Geek Mythology (2008). Phil and Jennifer have been married for more than a decade and have a son named Jonah who was born on September 5, 2002.


There is very little information about the actress’s family background. Although we don’t know the names of her father and two siblings, we were able to find out her mother’s name and it is Delores Lien.


The Star Trek: Voyager actress is 1.6 meters tall. She has beautiful blonde hair and a blue pair of eyes. During her time as an actress, Jennifer was slim with a long face, weighed 57 kg and measured 30C-23-33 (bust and hips), but this has changed since she retired. The formerly slim actress is tall now and her current stats are unknown.

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