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Kathy Ferreiro Biography: net worth, husband, Family & Facts About The Instagram Model



Kathy Ferreiro Biography: net worth, husband, Family & Facts About The Instagram Model can be accessed below:

Best known for her racy pictures that have garnered millions of followers from all over the world on Instagram, Kathy Ferreiro parades herself as the Kim Kardashian of the entire Caribbean island. The self-confessed ‘Cuban Kim Kardashian’ is also making waves on the video-sharing website, YouTube, with short videos that have equally garnered her thousands of views and subscription.

Outside her activities on the various social media platforms, Kathy Ferreiro has also earned some meaningful recognitions by modeling for reputable beauty brands in the cosmetics industry. We present below, some interesting facts about the Instagram star we dug out just for you.

Kathy Ferreiro’s Biography

Born on September 3rd, 1993, the Instagram influencer is a daughter to Cuban parents which makes her of Cuban native. Details about Kathy’s formative years have not been made public but from what we gathered about her, she grew up spending much of her early years in Cuba but later had to relocate to Miami, Florida, where she probably got herself schooled. However, details of her academic qualifications or the institutions where she studied are not yet known.


Kathy Ferreiro is not new to the modeling industry, she has as a matter of fact modeled for some cosmetic brands but her rise to fame is obviously connected with her activities on the video and photo-sharing social networking service, Instagram. She has a huge number of followers on her page “kathyzworld”.

Although she is equally followed on other social media outlets, like on Twitter where she has over 137k followers and her YouTube channel “Meet the Cuban Kim Kardashian” where she has over 2k subscribers and thousands more in views on her short videos, the social media influencer gains much of her fame from her Instagram page with over 5.2 million followers who are mostly attracted to her curvaceous body. Kathy is a beautiful and well-talented young woman which makes it possible for her to appear in other departments of the show business including movies and music.

Kathy Ferreiro may not have agreed to make some important revelation about her family but from a closer look at her, we could easily assume she came from a good and supportive family. Her father and mother’s identities are not known but they are apparently Cubans. It is not clear if Kathy is an only child or if she has siblings as she has clearly avoided all media scrutiny on that part of her life. So far, we can only conclude that the model is in constant touch with all members of her family.


Kathy’s Income and Net Worth

Kathy must have generated quite a reasonable amount from her modeling for cosmetic brands but her activities on social media platforms earned her a much-deserved income. However, she has not revealed any detail of her financial earnings but generally speaking, her net worth is believed to be running in six digits.

Kathy Ferreiro’s Private Life

Quite sassy and beautiful, Kathy will no doubt be a dream girl for a lot of men out there. However, she is not the kind who is willing to share her private life, especially her dating history with the public. While she agrees that ladies can only do a little to change men, she views men as “new bitches” who need to stop worrying about who is interested in their ladies. Also, to her, Joy means seeing your guy cooking for you and individuals who try to explain items as “better than intercourse ” have the erroneous type of sexual activity.

Fluent in Five Languages?

In one of Kathy’s posts on her Instagram page, the curvaceous social influencer quipped that besides Spanish and English languages, she’s fluent in five languages including “Real Shit” “Sarcasm” and “Bitch”.


Kathy’s Height and Body Measurements

Like all models are expected to be physically attractive with the perfect body shapes, Kathy Ferreiro has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs about 66 kg. Her bust measures 36 inches while her waist and hips are 26 and 36 inches respectively which gives her an attractive body figure of 36-26-36.

Her Run-in With The Authorities

In 2017, Kathy Ferreiro was charged with driving under substance influence and fleeing from the police. The incident saw her blowing up a stop sign at Northeast 11th Street and North Miami Avenue.

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