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Kebe Dunn (Michael Rapaport’s Wife) Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Spouse, Birthday, Net worth, Movies and TV shows



Kebe Dunn (Michael Rapaport’s Wife) Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Spouse, Birthday, Net worth, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below .

WOTHAPPEN Reports that Although Kebe Dunn has made a few appearances on screen, she’s not quite a familiar face that many people can easily identify. In her years as an actress, she has acted in no less than 10 films in which she has showcased her acting skills. While still trying to navigate the acting world, she fell in love with popular comedian and actor Michael Rapport and automatically found herself in the limelight. As a result, many people have asked critical questions about who she is. This critique sure has an answer to all the questions that are to be read on like this…

Undeniably, Michael Rapport drew Kebe Dunn’s fame when the two became an item. Some sources say that she is an aspiring actress who hasn’t starred in as many as five films since the beginning of her career. This may sound ridiculous, but there are a few people in the entertainment industry who are late bloomers. That being said, fame waned on Kebe after she decided to be the woman behind Michael Rapaport’s success.


Despite the fact that her marriage to the actor has drawn her into the limelight, she has chosen to keep most of the records about her out of the limelight. No details on her date of birth, education, or family are available. Kebe Dunn obviously lives a life of secrecy. Well, if she’s hiding those details, she’s not a stay-at-home woman. She’s often found herself clinging to her husband at most red carpet events and has the widest smile in most of their photos.

Professionally, Kebe Dunn has also taken on the same role as her husband. She is an actress who has appeared in a few movies as of now, Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Malcolm & Eddie and Love for Rent . Though she hasn’t landed many roles, in the few she has appeared in, Her Excellency remains calm and excited for her upcoming roles.

Facts and everything you should know about them

Wealth (income and earnings)

Regarding the details of Kebe’s overall value, there was an information gap. Some sources say she’s worth over a million dollars, while others say her net worth falls into the hundreds. Meanwhile, her husband, whose career spans over two decades in the acting industry, is worth over $10 million.


Husband – Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapport, Dunn’s husband, has been active on screens for over a decade and counting. He has acted in over sixty films and various television shows. He has also acted as a director, comedian, podcast host, media personality, and author. Some of his work includes Atypical Friends, Boston Public, The War At Home, Justified, Prison Break, Dr. Dolittle 2, Deep Blue Sea, Cop Land, True Romance, Higher Learning, The Heat, Big Fan, Metro and The 6th Day and so many others.

Before tying the knot with now-wife KebeDunn, Rapport was embroiled in a relationship dilemma with actress Lili Taylor. The two had a very complicated relationship that eventually led to police involvement. Rapport was reportedly arrested in 1997 for assaulting the actress. A charge of aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty and received court restraints to stay away from Taylor. Then he went to Nichole Beattie. The two later married in 2000, had two sons together before calling it quits in 2007.

After his divorce from Nichole, he found love and married Kebe Dunn. The two reportedly dated for a long time before finally deciding to settle down. They currently have no children of their own.


Kebe Dunn’s body measurement

One look at Kebe Dunn would tell you that she is probably in her early 30s or late 30s. She has a smile that is wider than ever and has a slim build. A perfect guess for her dress size would be either a US size 10 or 12. Her curly black hair complements her tan skin perfectly. When it comes to being curvy, Dunn is pretty curvy. However, the details of weight, height and other body measurements are not yet available.

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