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Lexa Doig Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Net worth, Measurements, Instagram, Daughter, Pronunciation, Movies and TV shows, Relationship with Michael Shanks



Lexa Doig Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Net worth, Measurements, Instagram, Daughter, Pronunciation, Movies and TV shows, Relationship with Michael Shanks can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports That In the film industry, many stars have attained fame when played perfectly in feature films, short films, or in TV series. For our person of interest, Lexa Doig, she has gained more prominence in television series than in longer films. Lexa is a Canadian actress who, against all odds, has weathered several storms and built a successful acting career. She was a recurring star on the Canadian-American adventure series; Andromeda. She fell in love with one of her species, married him and is currently the mother of three children. Read on to learn more about Doig.

Lexa Doig’s biography

Often referred to as Lexa Doig, Alexandra Lecciones Doig was born on June 8, 1973 in Canada. She is the youngest of the children of David W. Lecciones (father) and Gloria B. Doig (mother). Her mother; Gloria, who is not Native Canadian, is a registered nurse from Dumaguete, Philippines while her father, David, is a Canadian who works as an engineer. In addition, her father is of Scottish and Irish descent.


As a child, Lexa Doig learned gymnastics and when she got older, she learned American Sign Language. She decided to pursue an acting career after seeing the theatrical production of the short film. Porgy and bess . Initially not venturing into acting, Lexa began modeling shortly after graduating from Don Mills Collegiate Institute and later enrolled in the professional modeling program. During her studies she got many modeling offers and this platform became her first celebrity.

First, when Lexa Doig announced her intentions in the theater world, her parents frowned upon the idea, mostly because she dropped out of high school to pursue an acting career. She then worked harder to get her parents’ blessings and later got the opportunity to co-host a famous game show. Video & Arcade Top 10 . From the start, things weren’t all juicy for the actress. The newcomer to show business attended many auditions in her early years before eventually landing a role in the theatrical production of the short film. Romeo and Juliet and also Arsenic and Old Lace.

Lexa’s film debut was in the film The Hidden Room (1993) where she played a minor role. She later landed another role in the 1995 film, Bottom of the Jungle but it was with her 2000 film, No Alibi that she gained public recognition. Alexander’s remarkable performance in the film cemented her role in the television series Andromeda. She later became the lead for the film; Jason X Recently, Lexa Doig has appeared in various roles both in movies and TV series such as Killer Instinct (2005), Supernatural (2009), Tactical Force (2011), Continuum (2012–2015), The Arrangement(2018) and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game (2018).


Wealth (income and earnings)

As for the actress’s net worth, there wasan inconsistency in records. Some sources say Lexa Doig is worth $500,000 while some say her worth is in the millions of dollars. Either way, we think the Andromeda star has saved enough money over the course of her career.

body measurements

There’s no denying that Lexa Doig is one of the most beautiful stars we see on set today. Her daring in most of her roles shows so much elegance and daring. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 50 kg. Her body measurements of 35-24-35 inches (bust to hips) proves that she has an hourglass shape.

Lexa Doig’s relationship with Michael Shanks

Love is most beautiful when found with someone of your kind. Lexa Doig and Michael Shanks both acted in the film. Andromeda, the two fell in love on set and took it a step further. In the film, Michael starred as Lexa’s love interest and this scene marked the beginning of their love life.


They dated for a while before taking their wedding vows on August 2, 2003 in Vancouver at the Brock House. The duo have two children together; Mia Tabitha (daughter) and Samuel David (son). Shanks also has a child named Tatiana Shanks from his previous relationship.

Lexa and Michael are actively involved as charity fundraising partners for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

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