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Mario Lopez Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Kids, Wife – Courtney Laine Mazza, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows



Mario Lopez Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Kids, Wife – Courtney Laine Mazza, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports that We’ve seen him grow on screen since the late 1980s. He made his onscreen debut in 1984 with a guest appearance on the television series Simon & Simon. However, Mario Lopez had been in the area for a while and had appeared in a variety of local ads.

Today he is known as an established onscreen, stage and voice actor, producer and television host. The Hispanic American has hosted shows like or with Extra, America’s Best Dance Crew, Dr. Oz Show, and the American adaptation of The X Factor , opposite Khloé Kardashian. Mario has appeared in films and series such as Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, The Bold and the Beautiful, Nip/Tuck, and Elena of Avalor.


A native of California, was born on October 10.1973 in San Diego. His father, Mario Sr., was employed in the National City community in the South Bay area of ​​San Diego, while his mother was a clerk at a telephone company. He also has a sister named Marissa, who is married to former NFL player Kailee Wong.

Mario, who was raised Catholic, already had a very busy life when he was 3 years old. He seemed to excel at everything he did. Among other things, the child prodigy learned to dance in the genres of jazz and tap. When he was seven, he took karate, tumbling, and wrestling classes. He was on his high school wrestling team and finished second in San Diego and seventh overall. The year 1991 marked his last academic session at Chula Vista High School in Chula Vista, California.

After being singled out by a talented agent for one of his dance performances at the age of 10, Mario Lopez opened his portfolio with appearances in many local commercials and commercials. Before he turned eleven, he had his first television role on Simon & Simon. This was followed by a recurring role on ABC’s aka Pablo as Tomas Del Gato. In his next performance, he used his skills as a dancer and drummer. He fulfilled these duties in 18 episodes of Kids Incorporated.


Three years later with Kids Incorporated , Mario made a guest appearance in the 1987 situation comedy The Golden Girls, the character of the same name playing Mario, a Latino boy who was at risk of deportation.

His first role as AC Slater came in 1989 when he played the role in the film Who Shrunk Saturday Morning? He would reprise the role in a number of television series, films, and voice roles. They include Saved by the Bell (1989 – 1992), Saved by the Bell: The College Years (1993 – 1994), Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1994 – 1996) and Robot Chicken (2008).

In the late 1990s he continued to conquer the screen with performances in films such as Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story where he played the titular character. In 1998, he played police officer Bobby Cruz in USA Network’s action crime drama Pacific Blue. He left the show after 44 episodes.


Mario Lopez has continued to make guest appearances on projects such as Eve, Resurrection Blvd., Guide to Bad Girls, and Ghost of Mencia. In 2006, Mario played the role of Dr. Christian Ramirez in 46 episodes of the popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. He was a doctor again, this time when Dr. Mike Hamoui on FX Network’s drama Nip/Tuck, albeit in a short-lived recurring role.

Some of his voicing projects include The Smurfs 2 (2013), The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014), Dive Olly Dive and the Pirate’s Treasure (2014) and The Dog Who Saved Summer (2015). More recently he has been on Nashville (2015 – 2016), NCIS; New Orleans (2016), Jane the Virgin (2018), This Is Us (2018) and Elena of Avalor (2018).

hosting duties and television appearances

Mario Lopez was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars 2006 starring Karina Smirnoff. They ended up runners-up against the partnership of Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke.


The actor has been on more talk shows and television programs than most of his contemporaries. His first television appearance as a presenter was on NBC’s 1992 Name Your Adventure. Since 2007 he has been one of the hosts of the entertainment news show. Extra, and as of 2018, the actor has hosted more than 1,400 episodes of the show.

His hosting responsibilities span MTV’s top pop group, Masters of the Maze, Pet Star, The Wendy Williams Show, and Miss America. In 2012, Mario launched his own radio show, ONE Featuring Mario Lopez. The show aired on Premiere Radio and online on iHeartRadio.

What is his net worth?

Lopez loves to live in style, as evidenced by his $1.9 million 4-bedroom/6-bathroom California estate and his sporty cars. For someone who’s been in a string of lucrative films, hosted reality and talk shows, and done everything from Broadway gigs to writing books, it’s understandable that he’s worth quite a fortune. Various sources put his net worth at $16 million.


Mario Lopez’s wife – Courtney Laine Mazza and Kids

According to the actor, he had an engagement with Fergie when he was a young teenager and she was about 10 years old. He shared his first kiss with her, but it only lasted as long as their time at Kids Incorporated.

Lopez’s first real relationship was with AliLandry, who is also an actress. They were eventually arrested on April 24, 2004 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after dating for six years. Unfortunately, the marriage ended two weeks later after Landry discovered Lopez had cheated on her during his bachelorette party.

He next dated Karina Smirnoff. The pro dancer was his dance partner while he was on Dancing With the Stars. They dated sometime in 2006 and called it quits in June 2008.


That same year he met Courtney Laine Mazza, a Broadway dancer on the set of the Broadway musical. A chorus line. They clicked and started dating soon after. On December 1, 2012, Mario and Courtney walked down the aisle. The two are parents to two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. Mario Lopez and his family have their own reality television show called Mario Lopez: Saved from the Baby. It premiered on November 1, 2010 on VH1.

Is he gay?

The actor is an open supporter of the LGBT community. Despite being a devout Catholic, he has no problem balancing his faith with his pro-LGBT leanings.

It’s thought he had that attitude as early as 1997, when he played hero Greg Louganis in San Diego on Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story. Mario Lopez revealed he was told it was a bad career move at the time. He directed the film thanks to the support of his immediate and extended family, some of whom were gay. He has repeatedly said it was an honor to play Greg, who was a real-life gay athlete.


In 2015, the actor took it a step further in supporting the LGBT community by hosting the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade on Ocean Drive. This further helped to grow his already large gay fan base. However, his relationship history proves that the actor is straight.

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