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Naomi Scott Biography: Wiki, Height, Adam Scott’s Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Parents, speechless, Relationships, Songs, Lyrics, Net worth, Movies and TV shows



Naomi Scott Biography: Wiki, Height, Adam Scott’s Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Parents, speechless, Relationships, Songs, Lyrics, Net worth, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below .

WOTHAPPEN Reports that Naomi Scott is one of those lucky women who have their marriages and family life thriving despite being showbiz personalities. Naomi, who has been married to celebrity comedian Adam Paul Scott for over a decade, continues to thrive in combining her family and work life with no qualms.

She is an American film producer, author and actress. Naomi is popular for producing several films and TV series such as Other People (2016), The Sleepover (2015) and Fun Mom Dinner (2017). She is also a former producer of ABC’s comedic talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Naomi’s fame is also boosted by being the wife of a popular Hollywood actor. Her husband Adam Scott is best known for playing Ben Wyatt on NBC’s sitcom series. Parks and Recreation . Naomi must have contributed a lot to her husband Adam Scott’s success story; That’s one of the reasons many people want to know more about her. We therefore bring you the very interesting life story of Naomi Scott, Adam Scott’s wife.

Naomi Scott was born Naomi Sablan on October 8th, 1972. Other biographical data about the actress such as place of birth and ethnicity is not available. In this sense, background information such as details about her early years, education and professional development are also unavailable.

Naomi in collaboration with her husband AdamScott founded a production company, Gettin’ Rad Productions in 2012. Together they have produced a number of films and shows. Prominent among their productions is the comedic adult swim special entitled The Greatest Event In Television History . In 2014, they signed a production deal with Universal TV under the Gettin’ Rad Productions label. The following year, Variety Magazine named Naomi Scott as one of the greatest personalities in the world in their list of Top 10 Producers to Watch Out For.


As an actress, Naomi has starred in a number of films including Kissing Jessica Stein where she portrayed the character of a sexy woman on the gallery.

Scott is a beautiful tall woman who is only a few centimeters shorter than her husband who is 1.75 meters tall. She has light and dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Though her exact body measurements are not available, Naomi visibly has a slim stature and a beautiful figure.

Keep in mind that searching for Adam Scott’s wife on the web could prove to be a confusing and frustrating task. This is because many usually mistake her for another Naomi Scott, a younger British actress married to English footballer Jordan Spence. The same goes for her husband Adam Scott, who many people often mistake for Australian professional golfer Adam Scott. The confusion is really serious as actor Adam Scott received countless congratulations from fans who mistook him for golfer Adam Scott in August 2018 after he finished third in the 2018 PGA Championship.


Naomi married Adam Scott in 2005 after several years of courtship. The couple have two children together, a boy and girl named Graham (born 2007) and Frankie (born 2009) respectively.

Naomi and Adam’s children love to watch comedic films. Adam once revealed on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show in 2017 that he made several failed attempts to get her to see his big break, Parks and Recreation . In addition, they have a keen interest inpolitical affairs. Despite their very young ages, Graham and Frankie took part in the January 2017 Women’s March in Los Angeles, a peaceful protest against the administration of incumbent US President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Naomi and Adam’s marriage has remained blissful. Until now, the couple had never been linked to any controversy or marital problems. The couple seems really in love with each other and therefore appreciate their union. They usually share photos from their memorable moments on their individual social media accounts, especially Instagram.


Adam Scott’s wife’s parents

Unfortunately, no information is available on NaomiScott’s parents. The beautiful producer loves to keep her personal life private. As such, she has never opened up to the media about her parents, family and things like that.

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