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Rebecca Liddicoat Biography: wiki, Height, age, Ex-Spouse – Robert Griffin III (RG3), Daughter, Now, Today, New Husband, Net worth



Rebecca Liddicoat Biography: wiki, Height, age, Ex-Spouse – Robert Griffin III (RG3), Daughter, Now, Today, New Husband, Net worth can be accessed below.

Wothappen reports that Fame is contagious in many ways, and it has proven itself in the lives of many people who went from ordinary existences to overnight fame for being in the circle of a famous person or two. There are many ways to become part of a circle of famous people. One of those ways is marriage. This is how Rebecca Liddicoat became known. She is the first wife of quarterback Robert Lee Griffin III, also known as RG3. Read on to learn more about how this relatively obscure woman became popular.

In Boulder, Colorado, Rebecca was born Liddicoat on the 13th of August 1988. Her parents are Laura Liddicoat and Edward Liddicoat. Rebecca is the second child as she has an older sister named Lindsey.


Before her marriage and short lived fame, Liddicoat lived a very quiet life and as a result all that is known about her parents and sister is limited to their names.

Liddicoat studied biology at Baylor University, where she met her husband. Who was her stepping stone to fame. In 2010 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the university. There she was a member of the CHI Service Club and eventually President.

Ex-Spouse – Robert Griffin III (RG3)

Liddicoat in 2009, a year before graduating, was introduced by someone who was a mutual friend of Robert Griffin III – who would become her husband. As a student at Baylor University, Robert Griffin III played for the school’s football team. Sparks didn’t fly when they first met, Rebecca felt weird and Griffin was still hurt over a failed relationship, but the two decided to give the other a chance anyway.


They began dating that same year, the relationship lasted a year. In 2010 he proposed to her. With the support of his mother and younger sisters, he went through with the proposal and in August 2013 they tied the knot at a Four Seasons near Liddicoat’s home. The wedding was attended by some high-profile figures in society, as well as some of Griffin’s teammates.

When Liddicoat met Robert Griffin, he was a rising football star who had started playing in high school. He was born in Japan on the 12th of February, 1990 to Robert and Jacqueline Griffin, who were sergeants in the US Army and were on military service in Japan at the time of his birth. He had a good career in football during high school and chose Baylor University as they had a great football program.

Liddicoat took Griffin’s surname after they got married but had to revert to her name in 2016 as they separated in 2016 the same month they married and divorced in September of that year. It is not certain who filed for the divorce as neither party came out as to why the divorce even happened.


However, it can be assumed that the divorcehappens on the grounds of infidelity. Griffin started dating Grete Sadeiko. A fellow athlete. That same month, he and Rebecca split. Griffin cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, which is a weird way of spelling infidelity. Griffin married his girlfriend in 2018 after the two had a daughter the previous year.

Rebecca Liddicoat’s daughter

A few years after Liddicoat and Griffin married, they welcomed their child into the world. Reese Ann Griffin was born on 21st May 2015, her parents divorced a year after her birth and she has been in her mother’s care ever since.

As a result of the circumstances surrounding Liddicoat has refused to let Griffin as often as he would like, choosing to allow him very limited contact with Reese.


This comes after she took Griffin to court for failing to pay the full divorce settlement agreed in the divorce proceedings and having her credit cards suspended when he became aware of her unemployment and needed money to care for her daughter.

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