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Smosh Comedy Group cast members, fortune, why did anthony leave?



Smosh Comedy Group cast members, fortune, why did anthony leave? Can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN reports that If you’re enjoying three different periods as a top subscribed YouTube channel, you’re doing something right. This is the story of Smosh, a sketch comedy group that mostly posts its content on YouTube. With over 7 billion views and 23 million subscribers, the group has indeed granted one of the most enduring wishes in the world – laughter.

For thousands of years mankind has enjoyed the benefits of laughter. The accompanying emotional decompression and temporary escape from the worries of real life is a coveted sentiment that is always sought after by the world’s richest and poorest. Smosh, a sketch comedy group created by both Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, broadcast this to millions before the latter’s departure in June 2017. Her YouTube channel is currently the 31st most subscribed channel on the platform.


About Smosh

Smosh is a sketch comedy group established in 2002 when Anthony Padilla signed up to He filled the pages of the website with various Flash animations as the first content. Anthony Padilla’s smosh company has welcomed a new addition to Ian Hecox. They met in sixth grade science class, became friends, and decided to express their comedic talents over the internet.

The two began creating content together that would be published on YouTube following the rise of the video platform in 2005. Pokémon Theme Music Video was posted online on November 28, 2005, and it became the most viewed video on YouTube at the time of release. Both writers lip-synched the English theme song for the anime.

After that, they enjoyed great success on theplatform, and the popularity of their own videos has led to them being featured in Person of the Year: You magazine. After 2006, the channel diversified its content and continued to grow. It also added skits to its roster. Continued growth in both views and subscriber base led to an acquisition by Alloy Digital (Defy Media).


The channel’s growth also led to collaborations with giant brands like Google. They also created the iShut Up app for smartphones. Of course, with success comes expansion, and that’s exactly what Smosh did in 2012. They added three new channels – ElSmoosh, Shut Up! Cartoons and smosh games. Smosh is known for its song-related content. The addition of video game content to its catalog pushed the channel over the edge, making it the most subscribed channel on YouTube for the third time in January 2013. The record stood until August 2013. Previously, most titles were subscribed from May to June 2006 and from April 2007 to September 2008. In 2013, the group began crowdfunding an iOS and PC game based on the characters on their channel. The game was released in November 2014.

Outside of his YouTube content, Smosh continues to post videos on his websites and has released five comedy albums to date. Their highest-charting album peaked at #3 on the Billboard comedy chart, with a lowest-hitting chart of 11. The group co-released a feature-length film, Smosh: The Movie (2015) with Lionsgate . The group also starred in the film, Angry Birds (2016) .

The Smosh channel has been nominated for several awards, mainly the Streamy Awards. It won 7 out of 20 nominations.


Smosh Comedy Group performers

So far the group has 10 related channels with Smosh as the main channel. The latter has over 23 million subscribers and 7.8 billion views. The Smosh group started with Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, but also included many other members who later joined. However, Anthony and three others have left the group.

Ian Hecox has been there since the formation of the group was laid. He worked alongside his childhood friend, Anthony Padilla, and remains with the team to this day. He primarily acts as a writer and director for the group.

Until early 2017, Mari Takahashi was the only female member of the YouTube channel Smosh Games, where she stars in the Minecraft gameplay Maricraft. Prior to her time in the group, she worked as a professional ballerina.


Joshua Evans Ovenshire popularly known as Jovenshire joined the group in 2012 and became one of the hosts at the Smosh Games. He initially worked with Clevver Games and Mahalo Games before joining the group. He runs his own Youtube channel called TheJovenshire.

Often called Wes, Wesley Johnson has been the group’s editor since 2014. He was later chosen to host the New Smosh Games Members video. He also runs his own YouTube channel.

Noah Grossman, one of the youngest members of the crew, works as an actor and performer. He joined the crew on March 13, 2015 and has remained with the team to this day. Other members of the group who later joined and are still present include Keith Leak, Olivia Sui, Courtney Miller, Shayne Topp, Ericka Bozeman, and Damien Haas.


Meanwhile, Anthony Padilla, who co-founded the group, left the company sometime in 2017, and gradually a few others like David Moss, Mathew Sohinki, and Amra Ricketts also left the company.

Anthony Padilla can be described as the founder of Smosh, it was certainly his original idea and he registered and produced the group’s first content. After the brand (Smosh) was acquired by Defy Media, their creative process took on a more corporate form. While it didn’t dent the group’s popularity, it affected Anthony Padilla’s passion and enthusiasm for the creative process and he ultimately left it to rekindle his love in a more independent venture. He currently has over 2.7 million subscribers on his AnthonyPadilla channel.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Smosh has had some of the biggest hits aYouTuber could hope for. The group enjoys millions of clicks on their videos, has several successful albums and partners with various brands for advertising outside of YouTube’s advertising revenue. All of this combined has brought Smosh’s estimated net worth to $12 million.


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