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Sophi Knight – Modeling Biography: Wiki, Height, Age, Family Life, Career, Achievements, Vsco, Wedding, Instagram, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows



Sophi Knight – Modeling Biography: Wiki, Height, Age, Family Life, Career, Achievements, Vsco, Wedding, Instagram, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports That When you see a personality who is not only multi-talented but is also successful in various aspects of show business. One such person is Sophi Knight. Knight is a Canadian actress and model, as well as an Instagram star. She has been a model for renowned fashion brands and has also acted in several films and TV series. Her acting performance earned her positive reviews and even some nominations. Want to learn more about this fast-rising starlet? Then you are in the right place, because we have all the details here.

Sophie Knight’s bio

Sophi Knight was born on November 5, 1998in the city of Toronto, Ontario province, Canada. Her ethnicity is Caucasian while her nationality is Canadian. The actress-model spent her college years in Canada, where she completed her elementary and secondary education. For her college degree, she attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Sophi Knight began her career as a model and actress as a child. Her first screen credit came in 2006 in two Canadian productions; The Shakespeare Comedy Show and Empty Room. Empty Room is a short drama about a grieving young lady, Hailey, who struggles with her daughter’s emotional manipulations. Knight played the role of Hailey’s daughter.


Since her humble debut in 2006, Sophi Knight has appeared in several films and TV series. On the big screen, she has appeared in films such as After (2008), Walled In (2009), Three Inches (2011), How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (2015) and The Connecticut Chase(2009). The Haunting in Connecticut is a horror film about a family (The Campbell’s) who are forced to move to a new home for the sake of their son’s health. However, things went awry when they encountered violent and traumatic events in their new abode. Knight played the role of Mary, a cousin of the Campbell’s in the film. The Haunting of Connecticut was very successful at the box office, grossing $77 million on a budget of $10 million.

Sophi Knight has also appeared in television series such as Warehouse 13 (2009), Rookie Blue (2010) and 2nd Generation (2018). 2nd Generation is a Canadian television series centered on a teenager dealing with multiple identities. The Coming of Age series boldly explores themes of racism, love, friendship and secrets. In the series, Knight plays the recurring role of Sarah and has appeared in all episodes of the series. Her performance on the show also earned her several nominations. They include Best Cast Member in a Television Series and Best Series Director or Lead Actress in a Television Series at the 2017 Joey Awards.

Modeling career and achievements

Thanks to her delicate looks and haunting moon-shape eyes, Sophi Knight was able to pursue professional modeling. She has modeled for various fashion brands including Youth Apparel. Youth Apparel is a clothing line for chic and urban girls who want to express themselves in a unique way. What sets the brand apart is that it was founded by two youngsters (Stephen and Amanda) for their fellow youngsters. Knight has appeared on several shoots for Youth Apparel with outfits from various collections including their summer and winter collections.


She has announced that although she can shoot, A frantic and crazy experience. Despite this, she likes working with the Youth Apparel team because of her professionalism and hard work. In addition to her professional work for the brand, Knight is also a personal fan of Youth Apparel and often rocks multiple items from their collections.

family life

There is a lack of information regarding the family of knights. Specific details, like the names of her parents or any potential siblings she may have, are yet to be revealed. Most of what the actress/model has revealed is that her father is an artist and owns an animation studio called Red Rover. Despite this lack of information, there’s no doubt that Knight’s family would be proud of her considering all she’s accomplished in her short career.

Sophie Knight’s size

Sophie Knight is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her weight is not listed publicly, but a look at her reveals that she has a slim build. Other additional measurements are chest – 30 inches, waist – 24 inches and hips – 34 inches. The actress model has blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. Knight’s stunning looks have made her very popular on Instagram. She often posts beautiful pictures of herself on her official handle and this has attracted a huge following of over 350,000 followers.

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