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Stacey Dash Biography: Wiki, Height, Kids, Parents, Husband, Ethnicity, Age, Net worth, Skin, Instagram, Dmx, Movies and TV shows



Stacey Dash Biography: Wiki, Height, Kids, Parents, Husband, Ethnicity, Age, Net worth, Skin, Instagram, Dmx, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports That American actress Stacey Dash was also a talk show host, but she’s probably better known as the character Dionne Marie Davenport, who she played in the 1995 film Clueless , which later became a TV show. She has also become very popular because of some controversial views she has expressed against Black History Month and other trending issues.

Stacey Dash’s Bio (Ethnicity, Age)

Stacey Dash’s full name at birth was StaceyLauretta Dash and they were born on January 20, 1966. The Bronx borough of New York City was her birthplace and where she was eventually raised. She has an ethnic heritage that is a mix of Bajan, Mexican and African American. She graduated from a learning institution known as Paramus High School in 1985. The actress had a tough childhood when she revealed she was abused as a child by a family friend. She also struggled with cocaine addiction in her teens and 20 years and later entered into relationships with partners who were physically and emotionally abusive.


In 1982, Stacey Dash made her television debut appearing on NBC’s Farrell: For the Pople. The show didn’t make it past the pilot, however, and her performance as Michelle in The Cosby Show episode “Denise’s Friend” in 1985 was a notable television criticism. In 1988, she joined the cast of TV 101, which lasted at least 13 episodes before being canceled.

She had her first film role in Pull Around (1988). After that, she had good roles in Mo’ Money (1988) and Renaissance Man (1988). Her big break in film, however, came when she played Cher’s high school best friend, Dionne Davenport, in the teen comedy Clueless (1995). Clueless was later adapted into a series that ran from 1996 to 1999, with Stacey Dash continuing her role as Dionne Davenport.

Stacey Dash has also starred in a few music videos, including that for Carl Thomas’ single Emotional and Kanye West’s All Falls Down. She posed nude for the August 2006 issue of Playboy and launched her lingerie line, which she called Letters of Marque, that same year. In 2008, Stacey Dash was part of the reality television series Celebrity Circus. She sustained an injury while training ahead of the series premiere. She still reached the final, finishing second behind Antonio Sabàto Jr


Fox News announced that they had hired Stacey When President Barack Obama delivered a speech on the terrorist attack on May 28, 2014, Stacey Dash said in an issue of Outnumbered that the president doesn’t care about terrorism. Because of her remark, she was suspended from the network for two weeks without pay. She was also criticized in 2016 when she called for an end to Black History Month and claimed that the BET Awards lied about reports of the Oscar boycotts due to a lack of diversity. She echoed opinions at the 88th Academy Awards and later criticized Jesse Williams’ speech at the BET Awards. Fox News announced on January 21, 2017 that Stacey Dash’s contract would not be renewed.


Stacey Dash’s mother is Linda Dash, a Mexican who was originally married to her father, Dennis Dash, who is African American. Their union also produced a son named Darien Dash, who founded DME Interactive, the first publicly traded internet company led by an African American. Stacey Dash also has a stepfather named Cecil Holmes.

husband, children

Stacey Dash has married three times and also gotten divorced three times. Her first marriage was to a man named Brian Lovell, a producer who married her on July 16, 1999. They divorced in the mid-2000s. Then, in 2005, she married Sports Logistics CEO James Maby, and their own marriage lasted just a year. Her third marriage was to actor Emmanuel Xuereb in 2009 and she filed for divorce in January 2010. Their divorce was finalized in September 2011.


Stacey Dash has two children. She gave birth to her first child, a boy named Austin, in 1991 while dating Christopher Williams, a singer. Their daughter Lola was born in 2003 while still in her first marriage to Brian Lovell.

Wealth (income and earnings)

She is said to be worth an estimated $8 million despite recent controversy and no contract renewals. Let’s just say she knows how to make the money. Her wealth stems primarily from her work in film and television.

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