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Venessa Villanueva Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Chris Perez Ex-Wife, Now, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows



Venessa Villanueva Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, Chris Perez Ex-Wife, Now, Net Worth, Movies and TV shows can be accessed below .

Venessa Villanueva – Organic

WOTHAPPEN Reports that Venessa Villanueva is one of those celebrities who keeps their personal details close to their hearts and out of the public eye. Although it is an established fact that she was born in the United States, her date of birth is not known. Villanueva was born to Mexican immigrants.

The lady is full of secrets such as her background, family, parents and siblings and her level of education are largely unknown during her childhood and not widely known to the general public. However, it is speculated that she probably grew up in one of the cities of the state of Texas.


She rose from obscurity to fame after marrying Mexican-American rock singer Christopher Gilbert Pérez, aka Chris Pérez.

Trivia About Chris Pérez’s Ex-Wife

She was linked to Chris Pérez through their mutual boyfriend

The love life of the beautiful Venessa Villanueva came about thanks to a mutual friend of hers and Perez who introduced them to each other. This mutual friend was named John Garza. Perez was recovering from the tragic loss of his dear late wife and music band member Selena Quintanilla at the time. The latter was unfortunately gunned down in March 1995 by its chief executive and financial manager, Yolanda Saldivar.

A little later Venessa Villanueva and Chris Pérezstarted dating. Perez is a famous Mexican-American guitarist, songwriter and Latin rock singer who was born on August 14, 1969. He was one of the Tejano musicians who found great success in the 1990s as a guitarist and a member of Selena y Los Dino, a Tejano rock music band.


He recorded amazing Grammy-winning songs with the band before starting his own band after the death of his leader, his wife Selena. In her honor, Chris Perez wrote a book called With Love According to Selena in 2012.

Venessa Villanueva’s marriage to Chris Perez

After dating for a while, the couple took their romance to the next level by getting married. Their wedding was a quiet ceremony in 2001, attended only by their close associates and family members of the couple. Although it was clear that the union was Chris’s second, the same cannot be boldly said of the secretive Venessa.

Together they built a family that included two children – a girl named Cassie and a boy named Noah. Unfortunately, their union collapsed in 2008, about 7 years after they officially got married. The split was partly due to Perez’s wild partying and excessive drinking. According to speculation, the musician never really got over his late wife.


Her acting stint and net worth

For the years Venessa Villanueva was married to, her ex-husband, the singer, solely took care of her family, which included her children and her then-husband, until the divorce was finalized in 2008. She played an acting role on the short family series Forgotten Memories in 2015 she played Gaby Valdez. Prior to that, she had a behind-the-scenes look at the 2011 action comedy film, Memphis Rising.

Her trip to Hollywood seemed to be what she needed to get over a painful divorce from Perez. Her net worth has been estimated at $100,000 including spousal support she received from her former music star husband whose net worth is estimated at $1.5 million and $2 million respectively.

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