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Who exactly is Erik Asla, Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, How old, How tall, His net worth, children, Wife, Son, family life



Who exactly is Erik Asla, Biography: Wiki, Age, Height, How old, How tall, His net worth, children, Wife, Son, family life can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN reports that Erik Asla has taken photography to a whole new level. His works are notoriously simple yet noble. He is an experienced photographer who pursued his hobbies and eventually made a career out of it. Amazingly, Erik’s career has never brought him fame. He became a person of interest with his love tango with famous model Tyra Banks. Read the article to learn more about him.

Erik Asla is a photographer who has worked with the high and the powerful in the entertainment industry. Most of his works are spread across the pages of magazines such as Glamour, Gq Australia, Bazar and Elle.


Like any normal child, he was born to twolovable parents on May 21, 1964. He is a Norwegian of white ethnicity. There is a lack of information about his years of schooling and his educational strata. However, we struck a balance as we realized that his superb photography skills could definitely lead to further improvements in his intellectual acumen.

Erik Asla started his career in Norway as an associate of the popular photographer; Herb Ritts, who takes the position of photo assistant. Gradually, he learned more photography techniques from him while improving his skills. He soon became number one in Ritts’ company, championing most of the photo shoots.

After that, Elsa Asla became her own boss and worked for major organizations in the arts world. He got to know well-known customers and legends. He also worked with some experienced commercial photographers. In 1997 he also worked for God Kveld Norge.


The photographer attracted media attentionIn later years, Erik Asla showed his extraordinary skills in most of the model shots, shot in Norway’s Next Top Model in 2013. His work is also featured in magazines such as Allure, Bazaar, The New York Times Magazine, ELLE, Glamour, GQ Australia and Vanity Fair.

Despite his already successful career, Erik Asla only gained media attention through his relationship with the former Victoria secret model. Tyra Banks threw him into the spotlight.

His capital

Erik Asla’s many years of hard work have paid off. Starting on a small scale, he has grown into an experienced photographer. There is no doubt that each of his photos increases his income. From our digs, his salary is $49,933 per year and his net worth is $3 million.


family life and children

As previously mentioned, the photographer has gained more notoriety following his long-standing relationship with American media personality and model; Tyra Banks. A die-hard fan of Victoria’s secret model would definitely recognize Banks as the dark, tall, elegant lover who has graced most of her shoots. She is also known to have acquired expertise in the fields of business, acting and writing.

Tyra and Elsa met at Norway Next TopModel in 2013 and were immediately attracted to each other. One thing led to another and before long they officially started dating. They kept their relationship public in the early years of their togetherness, but in 2015, their relationship became public knowledge.

In the wake of the public relations, the couple treated viewers too much PDA. Like a story that has a sad ending, Elsa and Tyra canceled it in late 2017. Although the breakup was considered amicable when the couple announced they would continue working together, the photographer took every picture of the model from his social media page.


Prior to Erik’s relationship with Banks, ErikAsla had three adorable children; Tatyana, Taylor and Tatum from his previous relationships. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to have a normal child with Banks. So they turned to surrogacy and welcomed a baby boy named York Banks Asla who was born on January 8, 2016. The couple happened when their son was only twenty-one (21) months old. No parental custody facts in York are currently available.

Erik’s daughter Tatjana is an aspiring model. She is signed to Elite Modeling and has graced many magazine covers.

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