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Who is Cristela Alonzo, 5 interesting facts you need to know about the comedian



5 interesting facts you need to know about the comedian – Cristela Alonzo can be accessed below.

WOTHAPPEN Reports that The first Latino woman to make her markThe woman to create, write, produce and star in her own primetime US comedy is Cristela Alonzo. Sure, so many intelligent and glamorous beings have walked the path of comedy, but Cristela’s difference has to do with her selfless service to her career, despite the challenges she faced growing up.

She may not have made many trends like the others in the industry, but in the short time she has spent in her career, she has done her best. Since childhood, Cristela was not born into wealth like a few famous stars. She had some painful experiences and also shared her pain and rebellion on many platforms.


Above, Cristela has shared her rise of grace on many platforms of grass. Her story for some is a tale of victory, while for others it is best described as the story of a woman who worked hard to become a better person. The following paragraphs will tell you everything you need to know about them.

1. Early Beginnings

Cristela Alonzo was the last child born to herparents on January 6, 1979 in San Juan. Her mother, Natalia, worked so hard in two different shifts at a Mexican restaurant to support her husband Adalberto Alonzo, who was casual about his family’s affairs. Natalia could not take the pain anymore and left Adalberto when Cristela was still in the womb. As a result, the comedian only had her father’s name as a reminder of him until his death in 2009.

She grew up in San Juan with her three children, siblings, Julisa Maria Alonzo, one sister, Eloy Eduardo Alonz, and Ruben G Alonzo, her brothers. During her growth Cristela spent most of her time with her grandmother in Reynosa. Things were quite difficult for the family as they were as poor as church rats in those days. As a result, she spent so many nights starving and suffering from malnutrition, leading to derangement of her skin pigmentation.


Practicing Catholicism, the Alonzo and the comedians were raised as one. She tended to be a tomboy as she spent most of her free time with her brothers reading several comics, playing cards and making metal music.

Despite the hardship, however, Cristela was right. She intelligently learned how to speak English by watching TV because she came from a Spanish-speaking home. It was then that the seeds of action were sown in them. With her mother as the first audience, she translated a few American shows and performed them in Spanish. Sources say the comedian’s mother has been her tango mate since she was a child and the two shared a bed until she was 18. Unfortunately, Natalia did not live long, she died sometime in 2002.

Cristela was a bookworm, she schooled and graduated from Pharr San Juan Alamo High School and later attended Webster University with the intention of pursuing a degree in theater. Unfortunately, she dropped out of school due to lack of funds. She then moved to Dallas, where she met up with her sister’s family.


2. Rise to Fame

A year after her mother’s death, Cristela decided to take a job as office manager at Addison Improv. While improv, she poured out the pain she felt when her mother died while performing a stand-up comedy. She did well with her small crew on the Dallas Scene before moving to Los Angeles to further her career. Cristela has enjoyed some notoriety on college comedy shows.

Despite all of this, she still struggled with her career but later landed a spot on the Comedy Central show. The Half Hour (2013). This show gave her a little boost into the spotlight and she went on to appear on several other shows including Conan , Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson , Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution and a few others. More than that, her show; Cristela was born during this period and was broadcast by ABC for a two-year period before it was cancelled. Come 2018 rolled the comedian voice on the podcast series, Bubble .

3. fortune

There is no denying that the lady madeher pact with the entertainment industry. Regarding that, Cristela Alonzo has reaped a bounty from her hard works and is estimated to be worth 4 million USD.


4. Personal life

It would be quite alarming that a stunning beauty like Cristela Alonzo doesn’t have a man next to her. She is currently in a relationship with Stephen Halasz. The pair have been together for over a decade and have also managed to keep their affairs out of the spotlight.

5. Weight loss and body stats

Cristela Alonzo recently lost a few pounds. She credits her weight loss to Garcinia weight loss pills, which she used to speed up her metabolism, decrease her appetite, and reduce her weight gain.

The comedian could be interchanged simultaneously with the phrase fat woman . She has a very firm physique with the appropriate curves and sizes. She stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 81 kg. She often wears dark brown hair and has a pair of cute brown eyes. Lady Henwick is believed to measure 43, 33 and 43 inches for her chest, waist and hips respectively


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